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A Countdown to Model Barrett Pall's Sexiest Photo

A Countdown to Model Barrett Pall's Sexiest Photo

Barrett Pall is an openly gay fashion model, blogger, YouTuber, and actor from Stony Brook, New York. He started his modeling career as a freshmen in college, and has proved he has what it takes to make it in the industry. At 26, Barrett has been featured in advertising campaigns for Diesel, Lacoste, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, Nike, Addidas, and many others. In addition to posing for pics, he runs a lifestyle blog called ARTISAN & KING, which covers everything from fashion to fitness.

Recently, Barrett starred in Cosmopolitan.com's Hot Guys Doing Amazing Things — let's just say we've never craved a cupcake more than we did while watching it. With nearly 40,000 Instagram followers, it's pretty clear that people love Barrett and his chiseled physique. In celebration of all things Barrett, we rounded up our favorites photos, counting down to his sexiest pic! 















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