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Daily Crush: The Norwegian Curling Team's Pants

Daily Crush: The Norwegian Curling Team's Pants

The Norwegian curling team may have caused a fuss at Sochi with their too-loud-for-words uniforms, but we've got our hands on the fabulous Mondrian-inspired/Tetris block pants that its sexy members sported on the first day of the competition.

March of the Penguins: The 2014 Winter Olympics Uniforms

Those pants, which they eventually dropped altogether in protest, are made to order on Loudmouth (allow three weeks for shipping), meaning you can still get your very own bespoke pair if you're 7' tall, and even add cargo pants or a tour slit at the bottom, for extra coolness. Now, that's sure to make a splash at the gym!

Blocks AM pants, $110, at Loudmouth.com

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