The Reality of Andrej Pejic

The Reality of Andrej Pejic

After intense speculation as to whether boundary-crossing boy model Andrej Pejic was  shooting a TV show—he's always being followed by cameras, so who can tell the difference?—it seems the rumors are true. 

A spokesperson for DNA Models, Pejic’s NYC agency, confirmed with Fashionista that the male supermodel is in fact taping a reality TV show. “It’s still in the early stages, but yes, there is a show being developed around Andrej,” he told them.

Now we wonder what we will get on this show. We know that Pejic is up for just about anything (just check out our nude/snake photo of him from last year's Out100 shoot!) So, will this be a sanitized version of Pejic's glamorous jetsetting model life? Or we see the real thing? We know Pejic was most recently living in Washington Heights amid the Dominican boys of Uptown Manhattan when he wasn't on the runways of Paris or New York. Will we see him walking the street with the papis making lewd kissing sounds? Please?!

Earlier on Twitter, Pejic asked: "Should I do a reality tv show? I mean what would I say" Well, Andrej, we love that you're being humble, but it's not what you will say, it's what you're gonna reveal. We want it see it all!

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