Video: Marc Jacobs Talks About....Well, Everything.

Video: Marc Jacobs Talks About....Well, Everything.

Each season, fashion editors and buyers clamor to Marc Jacobs's runway to see what fashionable girls will be wearing. Each season, the designer presents some fantastical, witty vision of what he thinks women will be wearing some six months out. Oftentimes, it's a mishmash of diametrically opposed ideals: Paris in the 1940s plus Little House on the Prairie equals Spring 2009. The mid-century couture plus intergalactic dominatrixes equals fall 2011. Anything is possible in Jacobs's world, but how do all these seemingly disjointed concepts come together with such élan? Well, we're not sure if Jacobs explains his process in the most linear of ways, but to see him stab at the air with a lit cigarette, or drop the names Cindy Sherman and Victoria Beckham without a trace of irony might be part of the equation—there is no such thing as high or low brow in Jacobs's world. Check out the video below: 

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