Video: Prada Takes Helena Bonham Carter to the Therapist

Video: Prada Takes Helena Bonham Carter to the Therapist

Controversial filmmaker Roman Polanski signed on to help craft Miuccia Prada's latest endeavor in an ongoing, full-on assault of Internet domination. The director has created an off-kilter tale featuring fashion darling Helena Bonham Carter as a bored psychiatry patient attending her appointment with none other than Ben Kingsley. The Wes Anderson-esque production design includes a perfectly curated office overlooking the New York skyline, dainty painted teacups, a MacBook, an artfully cluttered desk, and a red leather tufted door, naturally. More importantly it features incredibly chic and totally wearable Prada pieces begging to be purchased. And while Helena moans and whines about the difficulties of being rich, fabulous, and privileged, her doctor—understandably—seems to be more fixated on his patient's utterly chic purple fur coat with a shaggy collar than her woeful misfortunes. Check it out, below:

Tags: Truman Says

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