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Man 'Pejazzles' Himself and Describes the Experience

Man 'Pejazzles' Himself and Describes the Experience

Intrepid journalist Gavon Laessig, from BuzzFeed, dared to go where few other men—gay or straight—have gone before. He was "pejazzled" and documented the entire process very, very closely. For those who have yet to hear the nitty-gritty details of such a procedure, Laessig explains the phenomenon thusly: "Pejazzling is a portmanteau of 'penis' and 'bedazzling.' Basically, it's a beauty treatment where you get your privates waxed and the hair is replaced by sparkly things." Pretty darn accurate. The report is less about literary turns of phrase and hard-nosed journalism as it is reliant on some picture which are both funny, disturbing, or a mixture of the two. There's also a delightful video that goes along with it. Laessig, not to shy away from a challenging story, opts for the demurely titled treatment called the "marble sac and shaft" leaves no stone unturned when it comes to the procedure. Laessig, it should be noted, opted for the a red, shimmering heart as his genital decor. You can read about the entire experience here or check it out below.   

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