Kate Moss Goes 'Absolutely Fabulous'

Kate Moss Goes 'Absolutely Fabulous'

From heroin-chic naif, to coke-scandal star, to Vogue-worthy blushing bride, to rock singer, Kate Moss has done just about everything. One more amazing thing she can check off her bucket list is star on one of England's most beloved comedy shows, Absolutely Fabulous. The model will join designer Stella McCartney in a special one-off episode to be shown on March 25th. The AbFab ladies are gaining some real fashion credibility, thanks to their celebrity cameos and a recent turn as stars of Alexis Bittar's spring campaign. But in our hearts we always love Pats and Ed when they're the embarassing, crude, and drug-addled underdogs they were born to be. We're sure despite drop-ins from upscale celebrity pals, the ladies will still manage to maintain their reputations as free-spirited misfits. Who knows, with Kate on the scene, the girls could corner her and spend the whole episode in the bathroom...if you know what we mean. 

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