Tyra Banks Is Crazy. That Is All.

Tyra Banks Is Crazy. That Is All.

Even though after all these "cycles," it can be a bit tiring, I'm still a fan of the Tyra Banks-helmed reality show America's Next Top Model. Um, has anyone been watching the All Stars edition? It's ridiculous (Pot Ledom, anyone?). The moments of tedium are neatly balanced by Tyra's over-the-top antics. As if her weekly insanity weren't enough to keep me satiated, Banks just recently took her legendary facial expressions and smeared them all over a video camera for NOWNESS.com, and it's a beautiful disaster (to quote Kelly Clarkson). I've watched this 20 times already. It's a work of art. 


Tyra Banks: Strike the Pose on Nowness.com.

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