Calvin Klein Launched a Tumblr Account

Calvin Klein Launched a Tumblr Account

It was only a matter of time before Calvin Klein jumped on the Tumblr train, and sure enough, they launched their official Tumblr page earlier this month. While the heart of the brand is obviously its lean, sexy, minimalist apparel and accessories, but, it's virtually impossible to separate the label from its trailblazing, sometimes controversial, and now-legendary campaign images. The whole fashion industry is deeply rooted in the visual, but Calvin Klein whipped up some of the most monumental and influential photographs of our time.
But we digress—the point is that you can now keep up with all things Calvin—a mix of vintage ads to snaps of current collections—on the popular microblogging/social media site. They've even enlisted the help of the popular model/photographer/blogger superstar Hanneli Mustaparta to help contribute.

Check out Klein's latest web foray at here—and Pin it, Tweet it, Instagram it, and of all that fun stuff. 

Photos courtesy of Tumblr

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