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'Project Runway' Winner Geoffrey Mac Is Now on OnlyFans

Geoffreey Mac

Looks like designer Geoffrey Mac is diversifying his income streams. Fresh off of a Project Runway win, where he bagged $250,000 for coming out on top of season 18, the entrepreneur has kicked off a few new business ventures. Of them, the New Yorker launched a Cameo account, sending out personalized videos for fans wishing people "Happy birthday," and giving other encouraging words. Then, he released his fragrance G, which he described as a "calming happiness type of potion." And now, he's getting into OnlyFans. 

"Hey guys it's me, Geoffrey," he said in a shirtless video post on his Instagram grid. The comments for the post are turned off. "I am no longer going to be putting personal content like this on my business page, we are going to be focused on the business and keeping it a business page. So if you want to see my personal, daily shenanigans and that type of thing, join me over only OnlyFans. I'll be active and you can chat with me directly and we can send you personalized content. Hopefully, I'll see you over at OnlyFans.com; spread love not germs."

For those interested, the designer's account on the platform is sold at $25 per month. While we haven't personally reviewed the account, others who have say that while there are sexy photos, the X-rated content that some might be hoping for isn't there. There are also a series of locked photo posts for as much as $50 a piece. No one Out spoke is sure what they feature.

For fans who aren't interested in that, G by Geoffrey Mac will set them back $129. Currently available for pre-order. The product is a unisex fragrance oil that Mac developed "about ten years ago.

"I wore it for about six years until I got paranoid that I was running out of it and I wanted to reproduce it one day," Mac said in a post. It contains notes of amber, musk, sandalwood, warm vanilla, and green tea. It is expected to ship in mid-May.

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