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Male Model Adonis Bosso Comes Out As Sexually Fluid

Male model Adonis Bosso shirtless.

Many know Adonis Bosso's face. He has been a model working in high fashion, commercial, runway, and editorial over the past seven years. He has become known on social media via his handle SeptumPapi, where he's introduced the world to his son Saphir, as well as his own original music created from his poetry. Now, in a new interview, the well-known face is introducing an aspect of himself to the wider public: he has come out as sexually fluid, a move that came as a result of his ex Slick Woods.

"Being with someone that was so open with herself got me more comfortable to just be where I am, without necessarily having to feel like I need to answer anyone," he told The Cut. Woods, who is also a model famously known for her work with Rihanna's Fenty but also starred in the film Goldie, also identifies as queer. "I don't necessarily believe in labels. I feel like I could fall in love with anyone, regardless of their sex, or their orientation, or anything. I feel like love is energy."

Bosso, who was born in Cote d'Ivoire but calls Canada home now, met Woods in 2015 on the set of a Yeezy shoot. They began a relationship then, eventually splitting in 2018. Shortly after the split they discovered that Woods was pregnant with their son and they decided to coparent. 





When Woods announced that she was pregnant, she had to deal with commenters on Instagram. When one asked "I thought she was a lesbo" — Woods had previously indicated she only dated women — the model responded: "To think we live in a world where people still confuse sexuality with reproduction," she wrote.

Bosso hopes to move forward confidently, though he notes that the norms and ideals of his current home might differ from that of his native land.

"There are still people back home that are looking up to me, it's still new to them," he said of Cote d'Ivoire. "But I'm not afraid."

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