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Chatting With The Blonds About Their Favorite New Faces in Fashion

Chatting With The Blonds About Their Favorite New Faces in Fashion

Illustration by Hilton Dresden

Design duo David and Phillipe Blond talked to us backstage at their NYFW S/S 17 show.

David and Phillipe Blond, fashion's resident power couple, are proving with each show that blondes really do have more fun. They've designed for iconic performers like Lady Gaga and Britney Spears, and no matter if they're showing busty, diamond-studded corsettes or leather bodysuits, their label is unmistakable.

Backstage at their New York Fashion Week event, where they debuted their S/S 17 collection of leotards and gowns, all drenched in crystals, we caught up with the pair to get a little insight into their inspiration.

Out: Who's exciting you in the fashion world? Who are you looking at right now and hoping to dress?

David: We love Zendaya. And Kylie Jenner went blonde, so we're really excited about that. I also love that Willow and Jaden do whatever they feel in the moment. That photo, in Interview, where they're in the jacket together is amazing!

What makes this collection different from your past work?

David: This collection is special because it's our 10-year anniversary as a label. This season is very "Heavy Metal" inspired meets "Clash of Titans" (the '80s version). We're going for more neutrals, nudes, a stripped-down, more elevated direction with the pieces. We'd like to start offering more red carpet options and garments everyone can wear on special occassions, but still fun with a Blonds twist!

Is there a significance to the inclusion of male models in this show?

David: We've done boys before. They're mostly just props for the girls. The guys stuff turned out pretty tight though and looks very cool, but it's unisex and some of it was on the female models as well. Then again, who can tell?

How did the two of you meet, and how has it been collaborating together for so long?

David: We met 16 years ago at The Roxy, one of the biggest clubs in NYC at the time. He was wearing a shimmery "Midsummer Night's Dream"-inspired look and we immediatley spotted one another and connected. It's great--even when we had other gigs before the line, we collaborated on everything. Phillipe's personal sense of style is definitely a main source of creative inspiration for our collections.

Phillipe: We've been collaborating for 10 years and haven't killed each other, so I think that's something to celebrate!

How are you guys interpreting the current shift in fashion toward a more androgynous approach?

David: We've been doing androgyny forever--it's nothing new. We're just having fun. There's no political statement about it or anything.

Phillipe: It's how we live. Do what or who you want, whenever you want, however you want!

You designed Lady Gaga's corset in the "Paparazzi" music video. How do you like "Perfect Illusion?"

David: It's great, and we're all sort of growing up together. With experience you learn to do things for yourself and not live for others. Gaga has had a great influence on the culture and helped people loosen up when it comes to what they wear and how they feel about gender.

Did you both always see yourselves as becoming fashion designers, and a design duo?

David: I really can't see us doing anything else at the moment, but we always love to collaborate with companies that are not typically fashion related. This season we actually did car wraps with Lexus out of our signature prints.

Phillipe: Absolutely no regrets--we love what we do!

What's been your favorite moment thus far in 10 years of a career in fashion?

Phillipe: There have been so many, we live in the moment and right now I feel like this is it!

Check out The Blonds' full S/S 17 line here.

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