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Design Muses: 5 Picks From Cadet

Cadet Fall Winter 2015

Now, with a smart, made-in-the-USA approach (all garments are produced in Brooklyn), the military-inspired label is thriving. Here, a few of the pair’s inspirations. 


Design Muses
1880s New York Military Academy Jacket
Schmidt: “This is the jacket that solidified our brand. We purchased one at the Brooklyn Flea, and it brought together the name of our label (the bronze buttons on the jacket have the word CADET on them) and our overall direction.”

Design Muses
Le Quy Tong Portrait #12
Arévalo: “It’s a 4-by-5-foot oil painting we purchased on a trip to Hanoi. It’s a portrait of an imaginary person with multiracial features that challenges your mind to categorize the subject.”

Design Muses
Eames Wire Chairs With Leather Bikini Pads
Arévalo: “We have these chairs around our dining room table, in our design studio, and even at some of our stores. They’re simple, classic, and comfortable.”

Classic Tailoring
Classic Tailoring Techniques by Cabrera/Meyers (published 1983)

Arévalo: “I used this book while studying at FIT and found it again when we started Cadet. It’s my tailoring bible.”

Margiela pumps

Maison Martin Margiela 20th Anniversary Collector's Item Pumps (Spring/Summer 2009)
Schmidt: “A pair of size-15 pumps with a 12-inch heel covered in mirrored tiles. These are not meant to be worn. I'm not sure why I like them, they’re just cool looking. They’re the perfect example of the fine line between gaudy and tasteful.”



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