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Interview: Jeremiah Brent, The Newest Member of Rachel Zoe, Inc.


"I, in no way, tried to be a Brad 2.0," says Brent.

From interior decorating to a passion for the outdoors, Jeremiah Brent has it all covered. Jeremiah, having been with "Team Zoe" for almost a year, he has finally settled in to the company and has no plans to leave anytime soon. A self-taught furniture craftsmen and interior designer, Brent is well on his for making his name in the entertainment, home decor and furniture businesses. While he initially came to Rachel Zoe as a styling assistant, he quickly learned a fraction of what he would be doing. After being hired, fired, and then re-hired--all in a matter months--he now has the official Camp Zoe stamp of approval, ensuring that he is a permanent fixture at Rachel Zoe, Inc.

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How is your relationship with the Zoe staff, specifically Joey Maalouf?
It's like a family at work. I get along with all the members at Zoe camp. As an employee of Rachel Zoe, Inc. you realize that everyone is part of a team and that it's more than a business--it's a family. That's how Rachel and Rodger treat everyone. Rachel is very protective of her employees and everyone is very protective of Rachel. Joey, he's very "what you see is what you get." He's blunt and very honest, and has no filter. We've become close and do hang out and go to dinner every now and then.

Did you feel like you had to fill Brad Goreski's shoes?
Honestly, I didn't. I've learned that you are always going to fail if you go into a job trying to be someone else. Rachel and Rodger hired me because of me, not someone that I resembled. They liked who I was as a person. I, in no way, tried to be a Brad 2.0.

How was decorating Rachel's home?
Terrifying and crazy, but at the same time I knew I had to do a good job because that's what I'm good at. Only having known her for, maybe a month, I wanted she and Roger to feel as if this house was their home. What viewers saw in maybe two episodes, took me ten days. I'm such a perfectionist and I definitely stressed out over this house. I honestly didn't get much sleep; I had horrible bags under my eyes! It was well worth it, though.

What have you learned from Rachel?
I've grown a lot personally while working here; I've been re-introduced to interior design, my first love. Rachel has also instilled a better work ethic in me. I mean, she really does work hard. She is always thinking of something bigger and better. You have to have that drive, be organized, and professional. I think one of the most important things is to be professional, well that, and be organized. I did not come in to be her gay best friend; I wasn't going to force a relationship--if it happened, it happened naturally.

What is your current role with Rachel Zoe, Inc.?
My role is pretty much anything home, interior, and design. We do have some projects coming up--some very big ones, though those are very hush-hush. I'm currently working on developing my own furniture line that will be out later this year. We all work very hard, what you see is what you get; nothing is scripted on the show.

What is your background?
I went to school for marketing, but it ultimately it wasn't what I wanted to do. I started tearing a part and then building furniture when I was younger--it was a hobby of mine--and it later turned into me having a business. I pretty much educated myself by trial-and-error. I bought a lot of books and read so much--it's better to get into your craft and experience it firsthand. Then I then started doing celebrity homes and nightclubs.

So you were hired, fired, and then re-hired?
I have no more insight than anyone else. I think it was more that people were freaking out, they had a space, but just not a defined one for me yet. After I decorated the house and they settled in it was time for the baby. They saw a passion in me, and they had complete confidence in me that I could handle these projects and jobs. Ultimately, I was re-hired and am doing plenty of projects. I think this past year has been a huge test and has only made me stronger.

Do you feel that fans are either Team Brad or Team Jeremiah?
No "team anywhere,"--at least I hope not. There is so much love to go around. I just want to make beautiful things and focus on work. There is plenty of TV for everyone.

What is your personal style?
I describe my style as homeless lesbian. I love dark colors, items that are avant-garde, but still masculine. I am obsessed with Rick Owens, things that are simple, layered, and textured. I'm not a very preppy person, I've tried it and it just looks not okay, Rachel sometimes says I look like a vampire, so I guess vampire chic? Also, my hair has been like this way before Twilight came out.
What is your personal style as far as home decor goes?
I love sleek and modern, but with vintage accents. I love something that's a little worn and has a little bit of history. I'm just a big fan of things being sleek and clean and masculine. Try to have a connection to your furniture--it makes it really worthwhile.
Any talk of a fifth season?
Waiting to find out--we should know soon. We're doing so many projects that I hope that everyone can see all the work and effort that we've put into them.

You got really embarrassed about Rachel showing off your body in one of the episodes. Are you shy?
I was watching the show and I realized how deep of a 'V' my shirts were. Half of my chest was hanging out. I know one thing, you will never see me walking around without a shirt or--as some people would have it--me walking around in just my underwear on and a tool belt.
How do you balance your work and social life?
Work has always come first. I have a small group of friends that I have had for almost eight years, and we hang out, do dinners, and movies--things like that. I am trying to go out more. I'm dating; I go on dates here and there but really just focusing on work.

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