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Fund This: Flawless Sabrina Archive


Respect your elders (and throw a bone to an old biddy) by funding the Flawless Sabrina Archive

Between 1959 and 1969, queer icon Flawless Sabrina ran a national drag enterprise that held 46 shows a year. These contests attracted such participants as famed drag performer Divine, who first experimented with drag at one of Sabrina's events. Experienced in her craft, Sabrina has been arrested over 100 times for the former felony of crossdressing. In 1967, she worked with Andy Warhol to create the documentary The Queen, which covers one of her pageants. During the 70s, she served as a Hollywood consultant on films addressing queer issues, and has since gathered a sizable collection of LGBTQ history and art in her apartment. Now, with the Flawless Sabrina Archive, she is looking to preserve her work as a resource for younger generations.

A collection of historical documents, personal writings, painting, sculpture, and photography, the Flawless Sabrina Archive will gather the Queen's original work alongside that of other icons with whom she has closely collaborated, including John Waters, Divine, Norman Mailer, Holly Woodlawn, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Boroughs, Diane Arbus, and Andy Warhol. The Archive will also involve an oral history through a series of recorded interviews that are being used to produce a book cataloguing Sabrina's story.

Turning to Kickstarter, she is seeking funding to help organize the Archive. With a goal of $20,000, the project will use raised funds to pay for additional Archive materials, framing, storage, cleaning supplies, a website, and a biographer.

Potential risks for the project include instability in Sabrina's housing situation, but the team promises that "Regardless of what happens, our priority is to support Flawless and to move forward with the preservation of her life's work."

Watch the Kickstarter video below:

And donate to the Archive over on its Kickstarter page.

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