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5 Things We Learned About Brooke Candy

5 Things We Learned About Brooke Candy


She’s more than just the girl in the Grimes video—and queer (or questioning)

You may not know the name, but you've definitely seen and heard Brooke Candy. The SoCal native famously appeared in Grimes' "Genesis" video and was featured on Charli XCX's "Cloud Aura." Candy's also been hard at work shaping her solo career, demonstrating her smooth flow and raw, raunchy realness on tracks like "Das Me" and "Opulence."She's put out her debut EP and her first full length album is due out next year.

Her most recent triumph is being featured on the cover of Paper's 30th Anniversary Issue. In the article, Candy opens up about her past, her family, and her sexuality. Here are the 5 things you should know about the rising singing sensation.

1. Her slightly warped middle-class upbringing.

"Brooke Candy (her real name) is from Agoura Hills, California. Her parents divorced when she was eight; her mother worked as a pediatric nurse and her dad, more famously, as the CFO of Hustler. Candy recalls being a little kid and hanging out in Larry Flynt's office: '[It was] so gaudy and amazing. I'd eat ice cream and watch TV and just go from that to being with my mom, who had nothing. It was strange... It's this whole idea of duality that I'm just obsessed with.'"

2. She plays for our team.

"I identify as Q," says Candy. "It stands for Queer or Question mark." She also calls her entourage the "Fag Mob."

3. She's had it with OTT displays of wealth.

"The ["Opulence"] video is meant as satire. It's based on the story of the Golden Calf. Decadence is peaking. Everyone is slowly awakening. Even me. I think we're moving into a period where spirituality is going to be much more prevalent than fucking cash flow. I don't give a fuck about anything in excess. I just want to make art and help people. That's it. 'Opulence' makes fun of all that.'"

4. She's kind of-old fashioned when it comes to sex.

"'I believe in sexual freedom, I promote it, but me personally? I haven't had sex in six, eight months, maybe longer. I think to have sex you should be in love... I'll meet the love of my life when I meet the person who can see through every layer I have that's meant to distract you and throw you off. I've been mistreated and abused my whole life, so I have these barriers up and I'm waiting to find the person who sees through that.'"

5. She's found herself an awesome mentor.

After "Chandelier" singer Sia happened upon Brooke's Instagram account last year and took a shine to her, Sia told Paper in April: "I saw a lot of myself in [Brooke] and I thought I had to help her not make the terrible decisions I had made." The two hit it off and now she's the executive producer of Candy's forthcoming debut album, out early next year, on their shared label RCA."

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