How the OITNB Cast Came Together

How the OITNB Cast Came Together

1. Jen Euston, the genius casting director behind Orange Is the New Black, opens up about how the cast came together. Among the more revealing tidbits — Natasha Lyonne originally came in to audition for Alex, Piper's on-and-off again girlfriend played by Laura Prepon:

"Natasha was originally supposed to read for Alex, but we changed it right before she came in and she read for Nicky. Jenji knew Natasha. It wasn’t a big stretch for her to figure out that she could do Nicky with her eyes closed. She was perfect. I don’t know who else she would have really been right for. It was perfect."

Add that to the fact that Katie Holmes was considered for Piper and you would have a totally different series. [Buzzfeed]

2. Teen Wolf and The Maze Runner cutie Dylan O'Brien got gritty for Teen Vogue. [Teen Vogue]

3. Finding Neverland is coming to Broadway next spring. [Deadline]

4. The most popular character on TV right now is… Tina Belcher from Bob's Burgers. [EW]

5. Michael Cera pulled a Beyoncé and released a surprise album. [Vulture]

6. Among the stranger things we've watched today is "The Kitty Anthem." Sorry, we're not sorry. 

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