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Nick Frost Wants Bears to Love Him—He Really Does

Nick Frost Wants Bears to Love Him—He Really Does


The actor discusses his gay icon status

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Nick Frost knows he's a gay bear icon--or at least that is what he proclaimed on Conan last year. "I think it was a jump for me to be so presumptuous that big hairy men might find me attractive," says the 42-year-old actor during our recent interview. The funny man stars in Cuban Fury, about a guy who finds the courage to get back into salsa dancing in order to win the heart of his coworker (Rashida Jones) and prove himself to a competitive coworker (Chris O'Dowd).

Is he being presumptuous though? When pressed to come up with reasons why he resonates with the bear audience, Frost offers up some promising answers: "Being big and hairy is number one," he says. "I think I have a confidence in my sexuality in terms of being straight but not being afraid to show physical affection to another man--whether gay or straight."

Sure, the body type certainly helps. Bears are known for their husky size and hairiness. But it's the fondness for affection that's most enticing. "My mates and I are all mouth kissers," he continues, explaining that he and his male friends believe in showing their love--not just saying it.

"I think subconsciously we seek out like-minded people," says Frost. And that might explain why he and Simon Pegg have been buddies for 20 years. The two have demonstrated their brotherly love onscreen for nearly a decade. But there are the outliers to Frost's friends, including an American who was adverse to physical contact.

"It got to the point where he would do that awful bro hug," he explains. Eventually he taught his friend how to properly bond. "Now we hug, and I can feel his chest and hips on me."

Apparently, there's a three point contact rule to hugging: thighs, hips, and chest. "Unless you hit that, it's not a cuddle."

So Frost is big, hairy, and affectionate, and he loves to cuddle. What's not bear about that? Well, aside from the straight part.

Cuban Fury opens April 11. Watch the trailer below:

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