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Meet Javier Fernandez, the 'Blaine' of Men's Figure Skating

Meet Javier Fernandez, the 'Blaine' of Men's Figure Skating

[Images: Getty; Ryan Murphy]

While Javier Fernandez finished just shy of the medal stand at the Winter Olympics, he still put on a good show. The 22-year-old is a spritely, handsome skater from Spain who competed in his second Olympics.


And when not competing at Sochi he (apparently) shares a certain likeness to a character on Glee... Prior to the Games, Fernandez donned a superhero motif that saw him go from geek to hero chic in one routine. Performed at several events throughout last year, the number was switched out for something more a bit more grown up. 


But according to fans on Tumblr, the original look screamed Blaine, portrayed by Darren Criss. ("It’s like a rl Blaine Anderson on the ice is2g.") And we totally agree.


The cute skate featured Fernandez channeling his inner-glee club and putting on performance that Ryan Murphy should borrow for a future skating-theme episode.

Any chance this is his Kurt dousing him with water?


Sadly no... Like Blaine, this (straight) man is taken. 

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