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Opera Gets Sexy

Opera Gets Sexy

Photography © Javier del Real / Teatro Real

When we spoke to composer Charles Wuorinen about his Brokeback Mountain opera before rehearsals began at Madrid's Teatro Real, he said he was surprised by how rapidly social attitudes toward gay men loving and marrying had changed since he began the project, and he openly wondered how people would respond to the Brokeback Mountain opera’s tragic story.

“I’m almost worried that now that my opera is becoming so old-fashioned that it’s not of interest anymore,” he admits. “But I never undertook it in the service of some cause, so I have to hope the work carries it through.”

But it seems that the opera's director, Ivo van Hove, has no worries about updating opera by keeping it sexy. After the earlier rehearsal photos, we were excited at the intimacy being displayed on stage. Now that we've seen these shots of the male leads, Tom Randle (Jack) and Daniel Okulitch (Ennis), these January 20 dress rehearsal photos, it seems the guys will be showing much more skin than we typically expect from baritones. Of course it's the music and singing that matters, but this seems like a major moment for opera staging.

Get ready for one of the sexiest operas when it opens in Madrid on January 28We'll have more photos once it premieres so stay tuned.


Tom Randle (Jack) / Daniel Okulitch (Ennis)

Brokeback2372 Crop Shirtless

Tom Randle (Jack)


Tom Randle (Jack) / Daniel Okulitch (Ennis)

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