Trailer Trash: Maleficent

Was Maleficent just misunderstood? She’s gorgeous, and she’s got cheekbones that could cut glass, but on the other hand, she’s made some very specific wardrobe choices in sticking almost exclusively with flowing black crepe, her every gesture emits a green glowing gaseous vapor, she’s got enormous black horns, and her familiars are crows. When one see Maleficent, one needn’t be a doctor of semiology to guess that something wicked this way comes.

And yet, the new trailer for Maleficent gives the distinct impression that the animated classic Sleeping Beauty was giving the diva in black an extra hard time.

Here’s a longer look at Angelina Jolie starring in Disney‘s Maleficent, in which she’ll tell her own side of the story. Elle Fanning appears as the sleepy Aurora in the movie directed Robert Stromberg. Maleficent premieres in 3D on May 30.

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