Neil Patrick Harris, Mexico & Margaritas

Neil Patrick Harris, Mexico & Margaritas

Photos via Instagram

We love Mexico and the Out staff had our own gay vacation there earlier this year (and would love to be poolside in Mexico right now instead of huddling in fear of the Polar Vortex hitting New York City). But it seems like it would be even more fun with the Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka clan.

The 40-year-old NPH took to Instagram and shared his final day on vacation in Mexico before he returns to NYC (and bone-chilling weather) and his prep for his Broadway role starring as East German trans rock 'n' roll sensation Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch this spring. It's a silly margarita mission, let's follow him on the visual adventure in eight silly snaps.

1. As NPH started (dressed in some cute short shorts): "Last day of our Mexico adventure. Let's see how many margaritas I can drink. Cheers!"

Nph Mexico1

2. By alleged margarita No. 4, NPH is showing off his svelte figure (pre-Hedwig corsetry) and can't find his summer read. Looks like he's dipping into Ship of Theseus by V.M. Straka, the fictional novel-within-a-novel of J.J. Abrams' S.

Nph Mexico2

3. By margarita No. 7, NPH says begging for more. And look at all those handy bottles of tequila.

Nph Mexico3

4. Here we see the fam (and some other dudes). But Harper Grace (clutching to David Burtka, who's wearing a snazzy gorilla tee) looks scared of drunk Daddy. Is that Gideon at a table by himself? What a loner.

Nph Mexico4

5. Here NPH is wearing a sombrero and uses a great drunky hashtag: #ifoundahat

Nph Mexico5

6. Alleged margartita No. 17 has NPH basking in the Mexican sun.

Nph Mexico6

7. By now it looks like it's a murder scene, and the photo has the caption: "Margarita #W I swinnin laps". But we have to hand it to whomever is taking this Instagram shot. Great foregrounding of the margartita glass!

Nph Mexico8

8. Again, for the final shot: Gotta hand it to the photographer! The waves, the composition of the glasses, the way NPH is lying there in the sand and surf. Genius! Thanks, margaritas.

Nph Mexico7


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