Getting Up Close With Tig Notaro

Getting Up Close With Tig Notaro

Comedian Tig Notaro knows how to play an uncomfortable moment for ultimate laughs. We're excited her comedy album, Live, is up for a Grammy and have loved seeing her cameos in various indie films and TV shows (check her out in Lake Bell's film In a World... if you haven't already), and now she has a new web series on Entertainment Weekly where she interviews other funny people. In the first one, featuring Community's Gillian Jacobs, she's charmingly awkward, with the two nose-to-nose on a sofa talking about toothpaste, siblings, and their favorite "cizzies." With Jack Black scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode, we just hope they won't be slapping bellies.

Although we can't embed the video you can watch the entire uncomfortably funny video here.

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