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Guillermo Díaz Suits Up

Guillermo Díaz Suits Up

[Photos: Mitchell Nguyen McCormack/DA MAN]

Anyone who watches Scandal knows that Huck, played by Guillermo Díaz, is one intense character. The past two seasons have seen the ex-assassin come to terms with his tortured past and deal with the twists and turns creator Shonda Rhimes throws at Díaz's character.

"All characters have done really terrible things...," Guillermo says. "At the end of season two, as far as my character is concerned, you’d see my character, Huck, torture people in a chamber and he takes Quinn [played by Katie Lowes] with him."

It's definitely a far cry from his comedic days in movies like 200 Cigarettes or even his role on Weeds.

Recently, the actor took a break from all that torment to suit up for DA MAN magazine. In a shoot that showcases the actor's intensity, Díaz also reminds us why we are fans. There's some dark, sexy and mysterious about the man. 

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Finally, for those interested in what he likes in a man of his own: "Confidence." 

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