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Are German Winter Olympics Uniforms Subversive or Ugly?

Are German Winter Olympics Uniforms Subversive or Ugly?

Germany unveiled its Olympic team uniform yesterday in a celebratory catwalk. Willy Bogner designed the colorful, puffy outfits (in collaboration with Adidas) in an homage to the 1972 Munich Summer Games. He said he aimed for a ”celebratory design, inspired by the great atmosphere of the times.” But some think the rainbow motif resembles the gay pride flag and is some form of silent protest against Russia's anti-gay laws. Others just think they're ugly, German daily Die Tageszeitung described them as "a cross between a pot-bellied pig and a parrot."

The German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) has issued a statement against the idea that there is some subversive political message to the uniforms.
According to Der Spiegel, DOSB spokesperson Christian Klaue told Die Tageszeitung that "the uniforms are not a protest," and said that the designs had been finalized before the Russia protests had even begun. Michael Vesper, general director of the DOSB, said, "This is just a fashionable jacket.

So is it political fashion or just faux pas?


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