WATCH: Sharon Needles' 'Call Me on the Ouija Board'

WATCH: Sharon Needles' 'Call Me on the Ouija Board'

And you thought her "Haunted House” video was spooky?

Sharon Needles, the ghoulish RuPaul's Drag Race winner who may be bigger than Ru, pays homage to horror flicks in her new video, “Call Me on the Ouija Board," haunting classic scream scenarios through a possessed TV.

“When most kids were hiding their eyes or cowering under the covers, I was three inches away from the television when horror movies were played,” says Sharon in a press statement. “‘Call Me On The Ouija Board’ is homage not just to horror movies involving children, but my favorites as a child.”

Look for references to The Exorcist, The Omen, Children of the Corn, and Stephen King’s It, plus a cameo from Michael Musto, filled with Zelda Rubinstein's spirit as Poltergeist medium Tangina Barrons.


Check out the video below:

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