Britain's Very Big Week

Britain's Very Big Week

Queen Elizabeth II gave a bejeweled nod to marriage equality in Britain this morning, the final step in the legalization of same-sex nuptials in England and Wales.

Though gay and lesbian couples just have to wait about another year for the law to take full effect, it's a significant, necessary moment for the kingdom. And now that she's made this happy occasion official, the Queen can turn her attention to another joyful event: becoming a royal great-grandmother to the future king or queen. Yes, queen.

You'll recall that Elizabeth signed a royal edict in 2011 that says all first born heirs can ascend the throne, meaning that Duchess Kate and Prince William's forthcoming wee one will assume the throne of the future.

Two history making events made with small gestures and with lasting results. The Brits sure have that restraint thing down pat.

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