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WATCH: Matt Fishel's 'When Boy Meets Boy'

WATCH: Matt Fishel's 'When Boy Meets Boy'

To create the video for his latest song, "When Boys Meets Boy"—a love story between Matt and the mysterious, super-cute skateboarder Marcus from the album Not Thinking Straightthe singer-songwriter  teamed up with San Diego-based comic book illustrator and filmmaker Joe Phillips (creator of Joe Boys Comics and director/animator of the films Stonewall & Riot and The House of Morecock). The album contains 18 illustrations by Phillips as well.

“My vision has always been to tell my stories to an audience in a candid and truthful way," Fishel said, "To be honest and open about sexuality and to hopefully inspire people who may not have heard songs written from a gay man’s perspective in this particular genre of music.”

Watch the video below:

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