Robbie Rogers: 'Football Hid My Secret'

Robbie Rogers: 'Football Hid My Secret'

Since pro soccer player Robbie Rogers came out via his blog, he's given only a few interviews. Now he's sat down with ABC News correspondent Amy Robach to discuss being gay in professional sports, and the interview will air tonight, April 15, on Nightline.

During the teaser clip for the interview he explains: "Guys on your team are your best friends, your brothers. You know you battle these games, you work hard and train. If you're not the same as them, you're an outcast."

He goes on to say he heard gay slurs in the locker room, as well as with his friends in high school. "Everywhere, that's what scars you." He agrees there has to be more gay athletes. "Hundreds, thousands, I'm sure." 

Watch the teaser clip below.

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