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Tegan and Sara Talk Same-Sex Marriage


The sisters talked to John Norris about why they aren't ready to walk down the aisle just yet

In an interview withJohn Norrisand Fuse News, electro-pop band and identical twin sisters Tegan and Sara Quin shared their thoughts about the current battle for gay marriage in America and their personal relationship to the decision.

"In the 2008 election, we thought it would just be thrown out," Tegan explained. "But I feel like things are changing and I feel like this has been a really really big couple of weeks. I feel like no matter what the decision is and what happens, there's been this overwhelming, really positive mainstream support of gay marriage."

The evolution of America's acceptance of same-sex partnership and marriage leaves this pair feeling optimistic about the future, but of course there are still some infuriating bumps in the road. As a New Yorker and a woman in a long-term lesbian relationship, DOMA truly angered Sara.

"It's just injustice," she said. "In that case where you're talking about obviously people not being treated the same. It's not fair that if you are legally married under the eyes of the law, that you shouldn't have the same benefits as everyone else."

For the twins, who released their latest album Heartthrob to wide acclaim earlier this spring, watching gay marriage pass means watching the country and the government offer a symbol of equality. But their excitement for the movement doesn't necessarily line up with their personal goals. In fact, even with her desire to see legal same-sex marriage in California, Tegan finds herself annoyed by the social pressure to put a ring on it.

"Everybody's like, 'So, when are you getting married? As soon as Prop 8 turns, are you gonna get down on one knee?' And I'm like, 'Don't pressure me!'"

Overall, the ladies are excited about the future of gay politics and the growing support of the American people.

"Whether the decision comes down in our favor and California ends up overturning Prop 8 or not, I feel we're getting closer, closer and closer," Tegan said. "I think it's important to really celebrate the small steps which are happening right now that add up to one giant step."

Read the interview here. Check out the interview clip below:

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