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TV's Newest Female Friendships—and the Lesbian Continuum

A look at some of the greatest roles being written for TV and the web today

Support Big Dipper's Kickstarter for 'SKANK'

The silly and salacious Big Dipper wants to share another video with you.

WATCH: Kelly Rowland's 'Dirty Laundry'

Destiny's Child washes old wounds in the video for her new single

Quote of the Day: Aubrey Plaza on Faking an Orgasm

'It's just awkward to pretend that you're having an orgasm,' Plaza admitted. 'It sucks.'

Catching Up With Desiree Akhavan

On the Brooklyn set of 'The Slope'-inspired feature film

Queer Characters of 'Mad Men' (Confirmed and Speculated)

After digesting the game-changing season finale, take a moment to reflect on the gay and lesbian characters of the 'Mad Men' universe. WARNING: SPOILERS!

10 Straight-Directed Films that Got Us Wrong

These movies depicted 'queer' experiences—but pissed off a whole lot of people in the process

Being Gay Is Okay—With Trading Cards

A practical (and fabulous) approach for children, adults, and educators to address gay life. Plus, it unintentionally outs Queen Latifah?

DC Comic's First Trans Character: Batgirl's Roommate Alysia Yeoh

'Why in the world can we not do a better job of representation of not just humanity, but also our own loyal audience?' says DC Comics writer.

Kevin Keller for the Kiddie Set

Archie Comic's first gay character faces middle school in a new children's book by Paul Kupperberg

WATCH: Colbert & Cumming Perform 'Oopsie Daisy Homophobe'

Stephen Colbert and Alan Cumming take Brad Paisley and LL Cool J's lead in bridging another cultural divide.

You Can't Spell Lesbian Without ESB: Redhook Brewery Promotes Marriage Equality

From advertising genre that brought you 'I take it in the can' and 'Take your skirt off and then I’ll give you a real lite beer,' comes a breath of fresh, gay-accepting air

Tegan and Sara Talk Same-Sex Marriage

The sisters talked to John Norris about why they aren't ready to walk down the aisle just yet

Gay Mountaineer Asks, 'What's Your Everest?'

Cason Crane stands at the base camp of ending LGBTQ youth suicide.

FIRST LOOK: New Installment of 'Bestie x Bestie'

Jenny Slate and Gabe Liedman sure do rip it up!

Need to Know: 'Little House on the Prairie-Oke'

The new satirical musical from Drew Droege and the gang opens next week in Los Angeles

The Feminist Porn Book

The Feminist Porn Book is here to take the black and white out of the feminist porn debates.

Performer Jiz Lee in 'The Feminist Porn Book'

The sex-positive porn star discusses genderqueer identity and performance.

Web Series 'The Switch' Shows Trans Comedy

'As of today, Sü is out as trans, unemployed and sleeping on her ex's couch. A comedy about the bottom of the rabbit hole.'