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Miles Teller Will Do Just About Anything For a Joke—Except Kiss a Guy


The funny guy stars in '21 & Over,' the directorial debut from 'The Hangover' writers Jon Lucas & Scott Moore


These days actors seem ready to jump in bed with any and every guy to get screen time. But young comedy actor Miles Teller, who stars in the slacker film 21 & Over, says he felt pretty comfortable with everything Jon Lucas & Scott Moore, known for The Hangover bro-fest franchise, threw his way. Except for one thing: kissing a guy with tongue. Eeew! Can you imagine anything so gross? I mean, being shackled and paddled while naked is one thing. But tongue-kissing. No way, dude.

As he tells Metro:

"I know when you read the script or agree to do a movie, you know you're going to agree to do everything. The nudity stuff, I just made sure I worked out, you know what I mean? Because some movies you don't have time. You can work out before a movie, but then when you're shooting there's really no time. I know some actors do it, and people should really give them credit because they're working 14 hours a day, it's exhausting, and then working out and getting like five hours of sleep. It's pretty tough. So for this I just made sure I worked out, and the (guy-on-guy) kissing scene was something I tried to get rid of for a while. I was literally like pretty upset about that. And then we did it and it was just like CPR."


Luckily for us, the reporter didn't stop there and asked what was wrong with the guy kiss scene. Alas, Teller doesn't redeem himself: "Kiss a guy? Yes. Inevitably, I did it for comedy," he says. "But they wanted me to use the tongue and I said, 'Nope. It's not that funny, man.' "

Not even if it were Zac Efron? The two were recently photographed together on set for Are We Officially Dating? in New York City. We're sure Efron would be willing to swap spit with another guy. I mean, did you see all the things he did in The Paperboy?

OK, but was there anywhere else that he drew the line? Seems not. As he explains:

"I mean, there was a point where me and Skylar were shackled up and were getting spanked. At one point the shackle broke, so I had to bend over and fix it and shit, and there was all these girls around, and I was just like, 'I'm sorry about some asshole.' Then I just went down and fixed it. Other than that, I felt pretty safe. The humour that these guys write, they're both extremely intelligent. And it's funny, it's well-written, it's not, like, dumb comedy. I never felt like I was doing cheesy or manipulative stuff. I felt pretty comfortable with everything."

Oh, Miles. Not since Will Smith refused to smooch Anthony Michael Hall in Six Degrees of Separation--20 years ago, in 1993!--have we read such silliness. Get over it, man. That joke isn't funny anymore.

Pictured below, from left: Miles Teller, Justin Chon, and Skylar Astin in 21 & Over


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