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WATCH: Devotion Project's 'Foremost In My Mind'

WATCH: Devotion Project's 'Foremost In My Mind'

We told you about the Devotion Project series, now watch the sixth, and final film, "Foremost In My Mind," which tells the love story between New York City-based couple Gail Marquis and Audrey Smaltz.

Marquis, who was 1 1976 Olympic Medalist (the year women's basketball made its Olympic debut), met Smaltz when she was 43 and Smaltz, a former model, was 61. As you find out in the short film, each woman had other relationships—Marquis with women and Smaltz with men—but until they met, it had never 'clicked'. The “late bloomers” story was one filmmaker Antony Osso wanted to make sure people saw, in case they were concerned about finding love for themselves after their twenties or thirties.

“Making these films has been a complete joy for me," Osso said. "The reasons I made the films are many, but fundamentally, I made them to counterbalance so many of the representations of LGBT people in the media as struggling, conflicted, second-class citizens. We’re so much more than that."

We're looking forward to a DVD that collects them all. But of course, you can watch them all on YouTube. Watch Gail and Audrey's story in "Foremost In My Mind" below:

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