Wade Davis: 'Hockey is Gayest Sport on Earth'

Wade Davis: 'Hockey is Gayest Sport on Earth'

Wade Davis says he wished he'd have come out while he was still a professional athlete, but that hasn't stopped the former NFL player from sharing his opinion about what he thinks about the culture of pro sports.

While being interviewed on Current TV by Joy Behar, he pointed to the NHL as the next most likely place for a pro athlete to come out.

"It's one of the gayest sports in my opinion," Behar said. "They're always huddling with each other, then there's penetration in the end zone, don't even start."

"You should see what goes on in the locker room," Davis said, "and then you would definitely think it was the gayest sport on earth."

Something tells us, Wade, you're not getting invited into any more locker rooms anytime soon. Watch the clip below:

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