Draco Rosa and Ricky Martin Together Again

Draco Rosa and Ricky Martin Together Again

Photo courtesy of Sony Music Latin
Before there was Evita Ricky. Before there was Ricky as daddy. Before there was Ricky "Livin' la Vida Loca," there was Menudo Ricky. While most millennials have no idea what a Menudo is, just believe us when we say that they were the Puerto Rican The New Direction (or New Kids on the Block or whatever boy band reference you prefer) of their time. Now, it's time for a Ricky reunion—or at least a quasi one.
Draco Rosa has coupled for a duo with Ricky and recorded “Más y Más" with his longtime friend. The track is available on iTunes.
What next? Well they filmed a video for the new single, “Más y Más,” yesterday with director Carlos Perez just outside of New York City and plan to release it in February. We just hope there's a lot of hip shakin'.

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