WATCH: Davey Wavey "Naked" In New York

WATCH: Davey Wavey "Naked" In New York

The studly Davey Wavey visited New York last week and, prior to his arrival, he requested

that fans stop by Union Square to write their biggest fears on him.

Davey started out clothed as the fans (and curious bystanders) came and wrote on his body until he stripped down to give more body surface.

He then took a subway to Times Square sans shirt and pants. Of course, if you've seen his videos, you know he is more than comfortable without clothes, but still!

The footage also includes him taking shower, symbolizing washing away the fears, and ends with text reading "Fearless."

Will Davey Wavey, who is based out of his swanky Rhode Island abode, return to NYC soon? Better watch out Naked Cowboy.

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