Chris Kluwe Continues His Support for Equal Rights

Chris Kluwe Continues His Support for Equal Rights

A little more than a week ago, Chris Kluwe grabbed media attention with his fiery letter that stated his intense feelings about same-sex marriage and defending the freedom of speech. But don't think Kluwe has stopped voicing his support or has backed down at all. He's blogging over at and still receiving lots of support. In his latest post that we read, he also tells a great anecdote:  

"One conversation I had that will stick with me for the rest of my life involved a local high school teacher/coach. He walked up, introduced himself, shook my hand and said these exact words: 'I want to thank you for speaking up. What you did will save children’s lives.'

"This really hit me, in a primal way I was not expecting. A man who interacts with our youth every day, who sees their struggles, and their triumphs, and their failures, told me that my words meant a child might find hope for the future instead of despair, might dare to believe he or she could be accepted for who they are, not what someone else said they should be."

We love you, Chris, keep writing!


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