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Chris Kluwe Taps Into Gay Id

Chris Kluwe Taps Into Gay Id

Ever since it was was posted on Deadspin, the football player's screed has been circling the Internets—mostly because he has so vociferously articulated what so many gay men and women have wanted to say but, for some reason, when it's coming from a guy who wears a helmet, it really hits home. Read the full piece, but make sure you don't miss this paragraph:

"I can assure you that gay people getting married will have zero effect on your life. They won't come into your house and steal your children. They won't magically turn you into a lustful cockmonster. They won't even overthrow the government in an orgy of hedonistic debauchery because all of a sudden they have the same legal rights as the other 90 percent of our population—rights like Social Security benefits, child care tax credits, Family and Medical Leave to take care of loved ones, and COBRA healthcare for spouses and children. You know what having these rights will make gays? Full-fledged American citizens just like everyone else, with the freedom to pursue happiness and all that entails. Do the civil-rights struggles of the past 200 years mean absolutely nothing to you?"

Need we say more? Check out his Twitter, too.

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