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Have You Seen Lana Wachowski In Her Small-Screen Debut?


Directors Tom Twyker, Lana Wachowski, and Andy Wachowski appear to explain the film adaptation of 'Cloud Atlas'—but everyone wants to gawk at Lana.


Want to discuss Hollywood's celebrities casually "coming out"? Well, file this one under the savviest understatement of the year.

Ever since news broke that Larry Wachowski was transitioning from male to female, people have speculated over what that was all about. The Wachowskis--the duo that directed The Matrix movies (and, don't forget, the disappointing Speed Racer)--had a reputation for being pretty reclusive. So, the fact that they agreed to appear in a promotional video with the third director, Tom Tykwer (Run Lola Run), to discuss the screen adaptation of David Mitchell's highly celebrated Cloud Atlas, ostensibly to explain the craziness that this film entails, would already be news. The fact that it's also the first time we've ever seen Lana Wachowski--with pink dreadlocks and dressed in a simple tank top--and there's no mention of that detail is, well, pretty amazing.

So far, the reception to this revelation leaves much to be desired. TheNew York Post leads with: "He Morpheus-ed from man to woman." Which is to be expected, I guess.

But HuffPo isn't much better, with the tortured headline: "Larry Wachowski Transgender: 'Matrix' Director Reveals Transition To Lana Wachowski."

Well, we say: Thanks, Lana, Andy, and Tom.

Watch the full video of the directors discussing, in a jovial manner, the much-anticipated Cloud Atlas movie, to be released by Warner Bros this fall.

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