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The People Have Spoken: Of Course TomKat’s Over


Readers of ‘The Telegraph' aren’t shocked about Tom and Katie’s split

Upon reading Anita Singh's Telegraph article about Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes's divorce the British public answered with a great and resounding "duh!" It seems that even the conservative readers of the paper have little faith in the institution of marriage. Commenter Christie Ley put "Cruise living up to my estimation of him" while anynamesleft wrote "Three marriages? Perhaps it's time for [a] Civil Partnership or two." Garythenotrashcougar said he was "shocked and surprised at this news, " as much as "when someone confirmed to me the other day that yes, the sky was indeed, blue."

The comment section for Singh's piece also lit up with posts attacking Scientology, TheTelegraph's journalistic merit, and of course Cruise's heterosexuality. Sanctimony put down simply "Rock Hudson...." while lordgaga wrote "Perhaps she will wear Lavender to the Divorce courts and he can wear a beard." It's clear that people on both sides of the Atlantic saw this one coming a mile away.

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