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Yep, He's Gay!


Earth-Two's Green Lantern Alan Scott officially gay in DC Comics universe. Now get over it.


After all the gossip, rumors, and speculation, we can now rest-assured that DC Comics has indeed let young Alan Scott follow his gay path. EW spoke with writer James Robinson about the coming out:

"The original version of Alan Scott was an older man, and he had a superpowered son, Obsidian, who was gay. The fact that Scott was young now [thanks to a universe-wide reboot] meant Obsidian no longer existed. I thought it was a shame that DC was losing such a positive gay character. I said, 'Why not make Alan Scott gay?' To Dan DiDio's credit, when I suggested it to him, there wasn't a moment's hesitation."

When HuffPo talked to Robinson, they asked how Scott and other characters may address his "orientation." Robinson responded:

"Alan is already out when we realize he's out in issue 2. There isn't a coming-out moment. And I see that Alan Scott is a dynamic, type-A personality. At some point in his past, he realized that he was gay, so he said, 'OK, I'm gay.' He accepted it and moved on with his life. He just lived it, you know? So as we'll learn, Alan Scott is out. He has nothing to hide. He's proud of who he is. By and large, the world has accepted him as that. And his teammates will accept him as that."

So seems it will just be business as usual. He's the same great guy, head of a media empire, and gonna be a leader. Now back to your regularly scheduled life--when you didn't really pay that much attention to comics, gay, or otherwise.


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