When Anderson Attacks!

When Anderson Attacks!

This is the first time this season Anderson Cooper cut an interview short. He was talking to a mother on the "Human Barbie" episode who helps her daughter administer Botox so she doesn't sweat. There was discussion of Beyoncé—as if the diva was a defense. But Anderson was having none of it. He looked at the woman in disgust, as if he were about to be sick. "I try to be polite to all of my guests, but I think you're dreadful. And I honestly don't want to talk to you anymore," the talk show host said. And that was that. Did it sting? Just look at the lady in the audience behind Anderson wincing. Is this a start to a new, tougher Cooper, like the one we've come to know and love on his 360 program? We can only hope so, since this is some Maury Povitch action! And the show could use a ratings bump... Take a look at when Coop stopped the cameras.

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