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Francois Sagat Sings Naked

Francois Sagat Sings Naked

We know model and porn star François Sagat likes to act after he starred in Bruce LaBruce's L.A. Zombie. Now it seems that he fancies himself a singer as well. French magazine Tetu has Sagat's first video—in which he sings. Let's just say, the video for "HADES," a colloboration with photographer Franck Glenisson, is a weird, dark, moody thing. He's naked (bien sur) and opposite the goth-y Sylvia Göbbel (who he says has been his idol since he was young) singing bizarre lyrics like "Timidly with my saliva... regenerating your entrails..." As Glenisson explains: "HADES' tells the suicide of François who, by being drowned in the Seine, will find the corpse of Sylvia." It's... that and then some.

Watch the video below (don't worry, it's safe, all the naughty bits have been blocked with strategic black bars).


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