James Murdoch's Original Scandal Revealed

James Murdoch's Original Scandal Revealed

News just in that James Murdoch has been forced to step down as chairman of BSkyB, the pay-TV arm of the Murdoch media empire embroiled in a phone-hacking scandal, prompts a suggestion of what the beleaguered scion should do next.

One idea is that he returns to his first love—xenophobic cartoons in men’s lifestyle magazines.
Back in the late 90s, young James Murdoch was hired to pen several cartoons for Bob Guccione Jr.’s then-fledgling, now-defunct, men's title, Gear. Albrecht the Hun, a picaresque tale of marauding Huns, only ran for a few issues, but we’re sure someone out there is ready to revive the franchise—perhaps, say, The Wall Street Journal.




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