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Did Bruno Mars Come Out As Gay?

Did Bruno Mars Come Out As Gay?

What’s up with Bruno Mars?

Has the singer been the victim of an Internet hoax or is he furiously attempting to backpedal after coming out on the radio?

According to a now-deleted post that ran on a CNN website, Mars recently said to a Chicago radio station, “I will not go to great lengths to spread this news. The timing is bad, I hadn’t realized it was April Fool’s Day but it’s been pointed out to me and I don’t want to go too public with this. I don’t want it to be disregarded as a joke. My sexuality is no joke to me and it’s come out a little faster than I’d hoped.”

A rep for the singer supposedly denied the claims to the website Gossip Cop, saying they were “completely fabricated” and “false.”

We’ve always thought Mars somewhat resembled a really chic lesbian, but never considered the fact that he could be a gay man. If this is indeed an attempt to cover up the truth, we applaud Bruno’s bravery. If it’s just a gag, well, we’re sure dozens of gays are mildly heartbroken.

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