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Trailer Trash: Jennifer Lawrence in 'House at the End of the Street'


Will curiosity kill the Katniss?

How can you tell that Jennifer Lawrence is a gigantic star? It's not that her face is splashed everywhere thanks to The Hunger Games, her gigantic hit movie that just opened and is busy sucking dry the wallets of every man, woman, and child who might ever see a movie. No it's because lower-budget horror movies she made before she was famous are finally seeing the light of day. Case in point: House at the End of the Street, a J. Law screamer that's getting released now that she's proved her ability to get asses into seats. But how is the thing? Check out the trailer and then the Out staff's reactions below.

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William Van Meter: Why did she pack chloroform in her lunchbox to drink? They should make chloroform Capri-Sun.

Jerry Portwood: That TOTALLY looks like my weekend last weekend. Except for the making out with the random boy. And the swing set. And the ruptured down duvet. But the backwards dripping faucet: Yes! (But poor Jennifer Lawrence, is she going to have to play EVERY athletic role that needs someone with amazing cheek bones AND can kick ass?)

Mike Berlin: Um, I could watch Jennifer Lawrence peel oranges for hours, let alone battle a shadowy, murderous house in a wife beater. #LOVES

Adam Rathe: I mean, listen: Jennifer Lawrence is basically a modern day Juliette Lewis, right? Look at those cheekbones! That is all I can think about when I watch this trailer. I find myself willing her to say lines from Natural Born Killers or The Other Sister. And sometimes I wonder why, for a movie that looks so excellently scary, there is so much backwards time and unspilling water in this preview instead of more for-real frightening moments.

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