Charlize Theron Honors Michael Fassbender's Manhood

Charlize Theron Honors Michael Fassbender's Manhood

While accepting an award for her work as an advocate for LGBT equality on behalf of the Human Rights Campaign this weekend, Charlize Theron took the opportunity to also commemorate Michael Fassbender’s member.

“Your penis was a revelation,” Theron said of her Prometheus co-star.

She referred, of course, to Fassbender’s star turn as a frequently nude sex addict in the 2011 Steve McQueen film Shame.

“I’m available to work with it any time,” she went on to say.

Vanity Fair was on hand to chronicle Theron’s inexplicable tangent and have themselves taken the opportunity to further explore the subject of Michael Fassbender’s penis by creating a timeline of its rise to fame.

Will new mom Charlize luck out like Louis C.K. and receive a challenge to put her money where her mouth is? We’re gunning for you Charlize! Just make sure to tell us all about it in your next speech.

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