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Trailer Trash: Tim Burton and Johnny Depp's 'Dark Shadows'


Does this vampire suck? We weigh in

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton have a fabled bromance. The pair have previously worked on seven films together, including Edward Scissorhands and Sleepy Hollow, and now have released the anticipated trailer for this summer's Dark Shadows, a soap-inspired vampire comedy. With Johnny Depp dressed and made-up like a teenage Goth. Which isn't entirely bad.

Still, the movie seems to lack some of the creepy moments of Burton that we so adore. And Depp, despite his undead dreamboat status, is getting a little tired--really, how many characters can one man play. Even Mike Meyers gave it up after a while, right?

Still, Dark Shadows promises to be one of the biggest movies of this coming summer. So, without further ado, the trailer--and our comments.

Jerry Portwood: Another vehicle for Johnny Depp to chew--or should I say suck--the scenery? Check. Helena Bonham Carter wearing funny prosthetics? Check. A kitsch-macabre setting for Tim Burton to employ pop-candy ghoulish pranks? Of course! But, the Burton-Depp shtick has now reached such ludicrous levels, I wish they would just declare that Helena is the third and get it over with. (At least they seem to be satirizing our current vampire pop culture saturation with their own nostalgic leanings.) I will watch this. Yes, I admit it, I will indeed.

Joshua Gardner: It looks really funny and I predict that hair will become a trend.

Max Berlinger: This looks awesome. I'm a bit tired of every movie looking like it was filmed through an Instagram lens, but this is a great way to approach the cult classic and it looks like Burton may have found the perfect balance of campy and creepy.

Justin Ocean: This just might look like it'll wash the nasty taste that Johnny Depp left in my mouth after the umptenth Pirates (not even a long plane ride made that worth it) and Alice in Wonderland (that dance at the end; stuff of nightmares!). Looks like a return to form for Tim Burton, too! Never seen the original UK telly so can't compare but as far as this trailer goes, me likey.

Adam Rathe: Since when can witches turn people into vampires? If we're going to wear out the undead, we really need to agree on some ground rules otherwise it all goes straight to hell. Netflixing Dracula: Dead and Loving It seems like a much better use of my time.

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