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Famous People Like to Get Naked, Too


Flavorwire recently unveiled a list of famous nudists. Some may surprise you, some may not.

Imagine you're a Girl Scout or a Jehovah's Witness. You're probably working the whole door-to-door thing pretty hard, right? After all, you have a lot of good material to sell -- whether it be Thin Mints or eternal salvation. But then you look down at your list of houses not to visit, and there's Christina Aguilera's name in bold print. "Wait, why wouldn't I want to visit X-Tina?" you say. "She can totes sign one of my merit badges/Bibles!" So you decide to stop by anyway, and ring the doorbell. As the door starts to open, your heart flutters and your breath catches. It's really her! You see her nails, her hand, her arm -- wait, hold up. WTF? Bitch is naked!

Yup, X-Tina is a nudist--and according to Flavorwire, she joins a long line of luminaries who also love living in the buff. They're all classy about it, of course (after all, Helen Mirren made the list)--but they all have different reasons for stripping down.

For instance, X-Tina told People that her family practices "Naked Sundays" because she wants to make nudity the "norm" for her two-year-old son Max. "It's something to be respected and seen as a thing of beauty," she said. "I think it's only weird whenever you shame it and raise your child to look at it in a weird light."

Um, OK. Walt Whitman's justification for being naked sounds way cooler. In A Sun-bathed Nakedness, he wrote: "Never before did I get so close to Nature; never before did she come so close to me... Nature was naked, and I was also... Sweet, sane, still Nakedness in Nature!"

For the full list of naked famous people, click here.

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