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Top 10 Bachelors Announced

Top 10 Bachelors Announced

Although the list contained billionaires and fashion moguls, it turns out that the power of TV still trumps it all. For the past week we've asked our readers to sort through our list of the 100 Most Eligible Gay Bachelors (view the SLIDESHOW here) and vote for the men they most wanted to date. 

Yes, it churned up some controversy (like what actually constitutes a BACHELOR these days when same-sex marriage is legal in some states but not others) and spawned a few Twitter campaigns. Fans—both male and female—came out in droves and voted Glee's heartthrob Chris Colfer as our No. 1 bachelor of desire in our second annual poll. "He' gorgeous inside and out!" one reader proclaimed. 

"As the mom of a gay teen who looks up to Chris Colfer as a role model, I can't express enough how thankful I am for him. I would love to have a son-in-law of his caliber someday, to match with my equally amazing son. Chris is number one in our home, and we look forward to following his career," wrote another.

1. Chris Colfer

2. Zachary Quinto 
3. Nick Adams 
4. Christopher Rice 
5. Clay Aiken 
6. Joe Carozza 
7. Jay Brannan 
8. Randy Harrison 
9. Luke Macfarlane 
10. Tom Lenk


Read the complete list here

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